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DesignBuilder - Simulation Made Easy
  • Stunning rendered images and site shading analysisRotate, zoom and walk through your building design
  • Innovative productivity features for rapid modellingOur 3-D modeller is easy to learn and fast to use
  • DesignBuilder - building simulation made easyEnergyPlus simulations for energy and comfort analyses
  • Fastest and easiest way to UK EPCs and Part-L2 complianceQuick to learn and easy to use
  • Accurately assess natural daylight and visual comfortReports daylight factors and illuminance using Radiance
  • Access EnergyPlus advanced HVAC modellingA powerful and flexible interface to EnergyPlus HVAC
  • Calculate and view airflow and 3-D temperature distributionCFD calculates distribution of air properties in and around buildings
  • Fully-featured optimisation and cost-benefit analysisMulti-criteria optimisation to help meet design goals
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DesignBuilder provides advanced modelling tools in an easy-to-use interface. This enables the whole design team to use the same software to develop comfortable and energy-efficient building designs from concept through to completion.  

for Engineers   for Architects   for Energy Assessors

DesignBuilder for Engineers Our powerful simulation toolbox lets you model HVAC, daylighting, airflow, cost, energy and carbon. Optimise your solutions to meet design goals and maximise the benefits for your clients.


DesignBuilder for Architects Assess energy efficiency and carbon performance during early stage design. Visualise solar shading and explore designs to maximise comfort and the benefits of daylighting and natural ventilation.


DesignBuilder for Energy Assessors Be cost efficient and competitive by using the quickest and easiest to learn software for generating UK EPCs and Part-L2 building regulation compliance reports using SBEM.

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We have had a very positive experience with DesignBuilder this semester as it was the first year we shifted from our previous simulation software to DesignBuilder. Our students seem to spend less time on learning the software and more on actually understanding the results and being able to analyse them....

Dr Shahaboddin Resalati - Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Architecture and Building Physics Architectural Engineering Group, School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University, UK

The graphical user interface of DesignBuilder is comprehensive and intuitive, allowing us to model complex buildings simply and quickly. The data management structure (data hierarchy and inheritance) allows us to assign model data quickly and accurately, improving our efficiency...

Alessandro Righi, architect and researcher at IUAV.

Having used the majority of the alternative building simulation software packages on the market, I found without a doubt DesignBuilder the most user-friendly and enjoyable to use. The modelling program itself is fantastically simple allowing even complex buildings to be developed quickly and easily.

Iain Begg, Senior HVAC Engineer, Shell Projects and Technology Group, Aberdeen, Scotland.

DesignBuilder’s clear, well-structured layout and intuitive help system makes it a much simpler tool to learn and use, and compared to other simulation packages the creation of professional-looking geometry is much easier.

Professor Ljubomir Jankovic, Birmingham School of Architecture.

We decided to go out and measure some natural light levels in buildings that we have access to and I am happy to say that the DesignBuilder results are very close to what we measured... It certainly makes us confident in the results we give to clients.

Warren Gray, Mechanical Engineer, Solid Green Consulting.

First of all I would like to thank you very much for the outstanding online training that you made possible for our team. I was very happy that we could join with three people in an online training that offered us as an outstanding value. Thanks again for your great support.

Dr Manfred J. Zapka, University of Hawaii.

Gold stars all round .... Many thanks again for the high quality of customer service I receive from all at DesignBuilder, it is quite refreshing and a credit to your company.

Mark O’Neill, DM Hall LLP, Glasgow, Scotland.

Students have been able to very quickly learn to use and apply it as an experimental tool to explore the adequacy of energy management measures... I am highly satisfied with DesignBuilders capabilities and interface, and with the support and service received. Thank you very much.

Mark O’Neill, DM Hall LLP, Glasgow, Scotland.

I love the way this whole thing hangs together and again just want to compliment you and your team on a cracking job. From a total design point of view, I absolutely love this program. I find it very well thought out and I enjoy using it.

Jean Marais, Big-Gruppe, Berlin.

I was looking for a way to improve accuracy and speed up production and found that DesignBuilder is capable of helping me do both...Not only can I get to the end result more quickly but it makes running the recommendations back through the model simple and the information to the client much more valuable.

Roy Redhead, RJR Independent Energy Assessors, UK.

I am also regularly tasked with travelling to the USA where our parent company operate, to assist them in working with clients requiring Technical Energy Analysis’ which will involve the EnergyPlus package. I hope to secure contracts within Michigan this month for over 200 buildings. Hope this explains why I am so happy with DesignBuilder.

Michael Reilly, Director of Operations, CADmeleon, Scotland.

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